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A fast-developing SEO like yourself will certainly appreciate our 10 year experience in building PBNs and helping other SEO companies deliver top ranking results for their sites as well as for their clients’. We have been in the business of private blog networks and search engine optimization since the very beginning and have studied some of the top courses in the industry including OMG Machines.


Easily navigate among your PBN sites using our centralized dashboard system. Backup, update or schedule posts.


We will show you how to navagate through your dashboard as well as give you SEO & linking tips.


We are using a unique server for each PBN domain. These are different physical machines in various locations.


We install a unique theme & make your blog network ready-to-go as well as post front page sample article.


For maximum safety & diversity we are using mostly A & B class IPs in our PBN hosting network.


Each site is secure & hack proof so no one can steal your bandwidth or infect your PBNs with malicious scripts.

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Our PBN hosting solution is regarded as one of the safest hosting methods for private blog network sites. We put each WordPress installation on a separate server with unique nameservers, A or B class IPs and set each site up manually. Our Szczecin SEO setup is hack proof and all your sites are accessible from a centralized dashboard, which lets you update, back up, login or remotely schedule posts to all your PBN sites. That way you can easily create an entire linking campaign in one go.

With our PBN hosting we provide secure and ready-to-go WordPress sites. First of all we make sure your WordPress cannot be hacked. It is one of the most popular platforms on the internet and that’s why it is prone to continuous hacker attacks. Once your site is hacked and Google picks it up, it can be blacklisted what can result in your PBNs losing linking power. Any further or future linking from that site may actually be detrimental to your money sites and have opposite effect. That is why security issue is something we take very seriously.

Next, we will select a proper theme, populate some widgets and post sample article on the front page. Thanks to the sample unique content, you’ll be able to determine if your pbn domain is healthy and if it in indexes in Google. If you have a domain that is not indexed, it is not recommended to post any money site links on it. The sample content allows Google to index the site and then by doing a simple test, you can actually determine if the domain has any penalties in Google and thus if it is safe to link out from it.

Last but not least, we will install bot blockers and SEO plugins to optimize your network so that it is not  detectable to any popular SEO tools like Majestic or Ahrefs. It will also block bad bots and crappy Chinese or Russian search engines that will only steal your bandwidth and slow down the server.

All the setup mentioned above is included when you purchase PBN hosting from us regardless of the number of accounts you order.

Key features of our PBN hosting:

  • centralized dashboard
  • each WordPress installation on a different server and IP
  • hack proof setup
  • unique theme & front page sample content
  • possibility of adding your other sites to our dashboard

 Join us and let us help you bring more leads, traffic, and better rankings to your sites.

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